Supervised Visitation

LifeCare Family Services (LCFS) offers supervision in five classifications.

Direct Secure: A visitation staff member will remain in the visit room with the visit participants at all times. This visitation is required when visitation party is under investigation or has been convicted of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse crimes, when deemed appropriate by LCFS staff or when ordered by the court. This type of supervision will require additional monitoring by a security officer on LCFS premises.

Direct supervision: A visitation staff member will remain in the visit room with the visit participants at all times. This type of supervision will be warranted in cases where children require the support of a visit supervisor due to the visiting adult demonstrating an inability to interact appropriately or effectively with children, and/or when it is ordered by the court.

Intermittent supervision: The visitation staff member escorts parties to their visit room and remains in the room until adults and children have established an appropriate level of comfort. The staff member then leaves the room, returning periodically and/or monitoring a family’s visit via two way mirror.

Minimal supervision: A visitation staff member escorts the child to the visiting party, then exits the room. The visitation staff member returns to the room five minutes prior to the end of the visit. There is no additional monitoring.

Safe exchange: The child(ren) is transferred from one adult to another through LCFS. The time between the drop-off and pick up can be as short or as long as the court determines. The children and adult parties are only at LCFS for a few minutes and there is no supervision of the children by LCFS once the parties leave the premises.

Fees For Service/Fees for Reports

Supervised Visitation fee: $50 per hour weekdays during business hours. Weekday evenings and weekends are $65 an hour. For families requiring Direct Secure Supervision, weeknights and weekend visitation is required due to increased security needs. These hours are also available to those families who are unable to visit during weekday hours. The visitation fees for Direct Secure Supervison are $80 an hour due to increased need for security.

Safety Exchange fee: $30, an additional $10 will be added for every 15 minutes past the scheduled time of pick-up for the child(ren).

Orientation Fee: $40 for each party (custodial and non-custodial). Must be scheduled prior to first visit.

Cancellation/Reschedule Fee: You must cancel or reschedule your appointment times within 24 hours or there will be a $25 fee. No-shows will be assessed the full cost of the visit missed.

Off-Time Fees: In order to assure the safety and security of all, it is imperative that parties not arrive earlier or later than their scheduled time. Parties arriving early may be asked to leave and return on time, and may be subject to fees ($25 minimum) and case closure. Parties arriving late may be subject to fees ($25 minimum), visit cancellation and case closure. In order to ensure the security of all visitors and staff members, it is critical that you comply with your scheduled arrival time.

Document Request Fees: For document requests, there is an initial charge of $1 per page and there may be an additional service charge depending on your delivery method. Document fees are due prior to the preparation of the requested documents.

Court Testimony: In the event you (or your attorney) subpoena LCFS staff to appear in court, LCFS will charge $30 per staff person per hour, with a $60 minimum. Staff will limit their responses to the information contained in the case file and will not provide recommendations or opinions.

Sliding Scale: Sliding scale fees are only applicable to clients receiving additional LCFS services. If participants are interested in requiring further about services, more information will be provided.

A summary of services letter requested in writing by the lawyer in lieu of court testimony: $30

Prior to service being provided the participant will be required to sign a Fee Agreement as part of the service agreement.

The fee for service will be payable by cash, credit card or money order at the beginning of each visit, prior to services being delivered.

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