Adult, Child, and Family Preservation Community Case Management

This service provides case management to children and adults with a traditional minimum of 3 or more face-to-face visits per month within the community setting. The Case Manager will offer assistance in locating much needed resources in order to strengthen and empower the child, adult, or family to live a more successful, healthy and interdependent home life. Additionally, this program may include psychiatric care and medication monitoring.

Case Managers coordinate community-based services with other professionals involved with the team to provide individually-customized mental health care for people experiencing frequent setbacks or persistent challenges to their recovery. Case management seeks to reduce hospitalizations and support individuals’ recovery through a holistic approach that considers each person’s overall biopsychosocial needs. As a result, Case Management Care Coordination includes traditional mental health services but may also encompass primary healthcare, housing, transportation, employment, social relationships, and community participation and monitoring the delivery of services.

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