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LifeCare Family Services Story

Our Beginnings 1997-2000

In the spring of 1997, Kenny Mauck felt challenged through a sermon by one of his pastors, L.H. Hardwick of Christ Church, to reach out to children and families within the greater Nashville area. It was during this time that Kenny revealed to his wife, Raye Ann that he desired to fulfill a promise he made to God and himself back in 1992. He had made a promise to a troubled nine year old African American child who had serious emotional and psychological issues due to his mother’s severe neglect. In researching about this child, Kenny learned the boys mother had become a prostitute to maintain her drug habit and then in time he and his baby brother were found at some point holding each other starving with nothing but an old bag of cocaine lying next to them when the police found them. Thus began his promise to this child that he would create an army of care givers if necessary to see that children like this special youngster would never have to endure such a tragedy alone, ever again.

Five years later the promise became a reality in that Kenny and Raye Ann, with the prayerful support of their family, Kenny began one of the first non-profit ‘Faith Based’ Community supportive organizations within the Greater Nashville area for children, youth, and their families. Their kitchen table in their home became the first office location and they took $750.00 from their savings account to begin what was to be known initially as, ‘LifeCare for Youth’. In 1998, friends of the Mauck’s were asked to serve as Board of Directors of this newly formed non-profit organization. The Mauck’s stated one of the biggest decisions Kitchen was remodeling their garage to become the primary office, and it finally gave them their Kitchen table back. Raye Ann operated the day to day activities while Kenny, who was still working full time at Christ Church, volunteering as the Executive Director. With the help of their own children, Landon, Megan, and Kelsey, they helped transport children and youth, and assisted their (mom) and dad in getting the organization started. From 1998 to the year 2000 LifeCare went from having two contracted professional caregivers to 5 professionals caring for over 75 families within this time frame.


The organization moved in 2001 to Brentwood, TN in a two room office suite adjoined next to Dave Ramsey, dear friends of the Mauck family. It was at this time Kenny went part-time with Christ Church and he and his wife Raye Ann began a Juvenile Accountability Program with children and youth who were residually going before the court system with legal problems. LifeCare at this time changed its name to ‘LifeCare Family Services’ when it became evident that the children’s caregivers, the parents needed as much help for themselves, as well as other siblings in the family. In January 2002, Kenny became the full time Director of LifeCare Family Services, and through the invitation of the state BHO, LifeCare became the first Faith Based,

Licensed Community Mental Health Agency with the State of Tennessee, and one of the few known in all of America. In the year 2003, LifeCare went from a staff of 10 to a staff of 16 employees. It was then in 2003, that an amazing growth began to happen. Very little time passed before the organization was caring for over 400 people with a staff of over 40 employees. At the end of 2003, LifeCare opened their second office located in the city of Cookeville. This growth continued in the year 2004, and at the end of 2004, LifeCare was serving over 800 clients and had a staff of approximately 80 people. Both Christy Donnell and Maggie Foster were instrumental during this time period in that both of assisted in developing our Information Technology and Human Resources for LifeCare. It was also during this time period LifeCare hired a well respected full time Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, who developed with Sean McPherson, one of the most intensive programs for Children and their family members suffering with severe and persistent mental illness in the State of Tennessee.


In the year 2005 LifeCare opened its third location in Lebanon, TN and it was at this time that Kenny began to search out another Executive partner for Raye Ann and himself due to the tremendous growth that was continuing to occur within the organization. In October of 2005 Kenny asked Chuck Klusener to join him as his Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations. LifeCare opened up four new location sites during this time by expanding to Franklin, Columbia, Lawrenceburg, and Pulaski.


In 2007 LifeCare began to expand into Supportive Housing and went from a few beds in 2007 to nearly 75 beds at year end. Currently, LifeCare had during at one point over 100 beds in 2008 LifeCare continues to serve over 2,000 children, youth, and adults, and its staff of over 130 + employees and professionals are committed and specifically trained to deal with issues ranging from addictions, troubled marriage and family relationships, legal, domestic, financial, and other related counseling stressors facing individuals and families A lot has happened from that first office since the inception of the organization in the Mauck’s kitchen, as LifeCare just celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2008 with Bill Boards, radio spots, and a fall festival. LifeCare has three large facilities now with over 12,000 square feet within its two offices in Nashville and Cookeville. Kenny in an interview with “who’s who Magazine in 2009, humbly stated “LifeCare really has just begun”. As the founder I am honored that God has seen fit to look beyond all my inadequacies and yet took my availability and faith in Him to heights that will probably one day outlive me. I am amazed at the impact our LifeCare Family Employees and new services are continuing to make by caring for people throughout our city of Nashville, the state of Tennessee, and we believe one day on our nation.

2010 and beyond…

With the Transition of moving our Director Sean McPherson as our new Vice President and COO, Jim Carter as our New Director over Our Adult Senior Population and Quality Facilitative Development, and Landon Mauck, as our new Director of Human Resources, We are just now realizing just how awesome our Leadership Team has become. This coupled with our expert Clinical and Medical Directors, as well as administrative claims personnel, we have an established leadership team that is the best leadership teams LifeCare has ever has. As for new services, our faith based affiliated Senior Care out patient company now provides outpatient and In Home serves for our elderly seniors in need of “Adult Day, and Personal In Home Support. These Services are specifically designed for those who want to remain in their homes if at all possible. and for those young people with Physical and memory impairments by offering “Senior Adult and Rehabilitation Care” for Veterans and those who are on Medicare and Medicaid under the choices program. finally, in the year 2012 we began serving individuals in need of medical and physical needs by opening up our first ever, Primary Care outpatient Office for those seeking a primary care doctor. We are seeing a great army of professional faith-based caregivers, some who have now been with us for over 5 and 10 years who I honestly believe are the very best amassed staff in the whole world. Our psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, MD’s, Counselors, Case Managers, and Administrative staff daily share their genuine love and concern by caring for one child and family at a time. We want LifeCare to continue be a place for people of all walks of life and ethic backgrounds to experience a place of healing for them and their loved ones, throughout Nashville, Middle Tennessee, throughout our state, and our Nation at large. Wow…I can’t imagine what the next 15 years might look like! The first 15 years has been amazing!!!

May our Lord Bless and keep you and may He inspire you and your loved ones to avail yourselves as he has my life and family to His high calling on our lives!

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